About Programme

Developing the “Human Capital” of Nations, especially the intellectual, social, mental, and physical abilities of children & adolescents is fundamental to the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens. Children must be at the very heart of development - their well being, capabilities, Knowledge and energy will determine the  ‘Future of Nation’

What is SHP ?

School Health Programme (SHP) is a single, largest time framed health programme operating in the State of Gujarat since 1997.  In 2009-10,  SHP will cover ≈1.4 crore children ≈ 25% population of Gujarat. SHP covers all 26 Districts & 18,568 villages (including 7 Corporations) of the State.


1.Promotion of Positive Health
2. Prevention of Diseases
3. Early Diagnosis, Treatment & F/U of defects.
4. Awakening Health consciousness in children.
5. Provision of Healthful environment.

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